Gardasil: In Canada si estende la prudenza (39)

Saskatchewan waiting on public health agency recommendation on HPV vaccine 

The Moose Jaw Times Herald

Saskatchewan is holding off on doing anything with a new vaccination program to prevent cervical cancer in women.
    “Sask Health has decided to wait for a recommendation on HPV  (human pappavillus vaccine) vaccination from the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) before we go ahead with a publicly-funded vaccination program,” said Five Hills Health Region’s medical health officer Dr, Mark Vooght.
    PHAC has asked the provinces to wait awhile for more information before implementing a public program, he said.
    “For one thing, we don’t know how long the immunity lasts. We need to know before embarking on an expensive immunization program.”
     But four provinces, including Ontario, went ahead with the public vaccine program anyway.
    There is no risk to women taking the vaccine other than the one to three cases in one million with severe allergic reactions, he said.
    Available funding will be the key factor in the decision to implement the program, he said.
    The federal government only funds these programs for three years, and has allocated $300 million for 2007.
    “We have to determine whether it will impact funding for other vaccination programs now used to prevent disease.”
    With three shots needed, the HPV vaccine now available privately, costs between $400 and $550. Cost of all child vaccines averages $550.             Adopting the vaccine for one age group, as is likely, will cost $2.9 million annually of the province’s $9.8 million vaccination budget.
    “Ultimately, the vaccine would be excellent for prevention of venereal diseases that cause cervical cancer.”
    Alternate and less expensive prevention strategies are in use.
    “Having fewer sexual partners is a prevention we can’t forget about.” And the use of condoms is another, but neither is foolproof, he said.
    The Gardasil vaccine isn’t foolproof either.
    “It doesn’t prevent all strains of the venereal diseases. but is very effective on four strains — especially two main ones — that cause cervical cancer.”

Riassunto in italiano: la provincia canadese Saskatchewan decide che prima di avviare vaccinazioni a carico del servizio sanitario pubblico è meglio attendere un po’, come chiesto dalla Agenzia Canadese per la Salute Pubblica (Public Health Agency of Canada), per avere maggiori informazioni sul vaccino stesso,  quanto tempo duri l’immunità , per esempio. “Dobbiamo sapere prima di intraprendere un programma costoso di immunizzazione„ o, comunque, si è deciso a Saskatchewan, attendere sino a quando la stessa agenzia non pubblicherà delle raccomandazioni per la campagna di vaccinazione.

Il vaccino non è rischioso, se non per allergie specifiche, sarà eccellente per la prevenzione, intanto ci affidiamo al preservativo e magari ad un pò di astinenza…. intanto che non venga costituito un fondo pubblico per la vaccinazione. 

ehm… la notizia sarebbe che l’Agenzia Canadese per la Salute Pubblica raccomanda di attendere prima di avviare campagne di vaccinazioni.



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