Vaccino HPV – Primi passi indietro negli U.S.A.


HPV Vaccine Program May Be Eliminated

One proposed cut to the state budget includes the HPV vaccine. It will still be available to girls but the state will no longer foot the billl. 

The HPV, or human papilloma virus, is a virus connected with cervical cancer. The HPV vaccine has been shown to help prevent cervical cancer.  In 2007, the state began vaccinating girls between the ages of 11 and 18 for free. 
Last year, that state modified it so that only girls who are 12 years old can be vaccinated and the state would pay for the shots but things are about to change again. 

It’s one of the first types of vaccines found to prevent a type of cancer and families may soon have to pay for it by themselves. 

“It’s a new vaccine that we’ve been very excited about to prevent some cancer later in life,” Vice President of Avera Center for Public Policy Deb Fischer-Clemens said.
Thursday, the governor announced proposed budget cuts that would eliminate the funding once used to pay for 12-year-old females to receive the vaccine. 

The governor’s hope is that eliminating the program would free $277,000 from the budget, but that’s leaving health officials concerned. 

“As this recession continues to hit the economic problems of individuals go on, this will be one of those things that is not on their top list of priorities to pay for and to get so it certainly raises questions,” Fischer-Clemens said.

The vaccine is a combination of three shots. Each shot costs around $200 for a total bill of $600 if insurance doesn’t pay for the vaccine. Health officials call it preventative care and by not taking those steps, it could have a big impact on women in the future. 

“All of those things we know prevent increased health care costs and increased illnesses as we age and those are the keys to decreasing health care costs in the future.  So anything we can do in regards to preventative health care, we need to do,” Fischer-Clemens said.

It’s important to note that these are proposed cuts and we won’t know the final budget cuts until March. Some insurance companies will cover the vaccine but you will have to check with your provider

Com’era prevedibile?
Qualcuno pensava che sarebbe accaduto che, salvata la Merck e cambiato il governo, il vaccino HPV sarebbe uscito fuori dai programmi di vaccinazione?
Infatti pare che, dopotutto, la vaccinazione contro il Papilloma virus, a ben pensarci, non sia così prioritaria come si riteneva solo pochi mesi fa…

Vediamo quanto tempo passa prima che il vaccino venga completamente sconfessato dalla nuova amministrazione statunitense?
Si accettano scommesse.



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