Cyrano…. sorda rilettura


[…]  And so it continues with the new co-production and modernization by the Fountain Theatre and Deaf West TheatreCyrano. Although certain details of character and the plot have changed, the original heart of the play still beats steadfastly, buoyed up by terrific performances and dazzling video design.

In this iteration, Cyrano (Troy Kotsur) is not encumbered by an outsized schnozz but is instead deaf. He is a glorious poet in American Sign Language, although he has no inclination to join the local Deaf Poetry Jam, regardless of the encouragement to do so from his friend Bill (Bob Hiltermann). Instead he pines for poetry aficionado Roxy (Erinn Anova), but he fears his deafness would be an impassable barrier between them. When Roxy admits she is attracted to Cyrano’s rock guitarist brother Chris (Paul Raci), he is initially depressed, but then realizes he can supply the verbally awkward Chris with his poetic words to romance Roxy via countless emails. There are a few big flaws in this plan, however, which Cyrano will have cause to regret.

Kotsur owns the stage every moment he’s on it, whether he’s putting a barroom tough in his place or sending Roxy into a swoon with his poetry, in a performance of great charisma and wit. The actor who provides Cyrano’s voice for the hearing audience, Victor Warren, does a superb job, merging smoothly with Kotsur’s work. Raci, a hearing actor who also performs in ASL, brings humor and sympathy to Chris, a nice guy who is unfortunately not quite the man Roxy wants. Anova is charming as the guileless Roxy, and Hiltermann is winning as the one friend Cyrano has left.  […]

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