A.A.A. Disastro ambientale chiede attenzione

La storia mi pare complicata ma le immagini che si stanno diffondendo rimbalzando da blog a blog sulla rete parlano da sole.

Io le ho incontrate da Valerio D.G. Barbu, in  una pagina dedicata “Third Millennium”.

Ripropongo l’intero servizio (ma senza il testo in Rumeno) chiedendo a chi vuole aiutare la Terra a non essere sottoposta a stupri di massa continuativi nell’indifferenza di tutti .
A fine post alcuni miei contributi.

Il luogo è la Romania, gli interessi sono delle multinazionali, i prodotti sono oro e rame, il danno è su villaggi, persone, bambini, tradizioni, ambiente umano e ecologico. Il disastro è inimmaginabile e la politica non mantiene gli impegni presi.

Third Millennium – Romanian disaster,U.E. silent

Iazul de decantare Valea Sesii
Publication Date: December 8, 2012 Click here to view full gallery of photos

I must warn you from the outset that a journal is sad. His action will take place around a pond called Sesi Valley located in the Metalliferous Mountains. I will not write too much, I’ll let the images tell what to say.

Morning start the route Lupsa – Hadar – former village twin. From Hadar climb onto a country road
about 4-5 km to reach a bridge. In the valley appears to be a lake, a few houses on its shores.

At a closer look we find that actually, the lake not is really one lake. Rather, it is an accumulation of mud. We climb the bridge where we find some pipes. 
The noise of them, a sign for that something carry. We are in the Ore Mountains near Rosia Montana, a joke saying there is carrying gold.

Of course it’s not gold but sterile. It comes from copper exploitation in Rosia Poieni made ​​by company Copper Min since 1978. All this area that spans Lake is a real ecological bomb.

Sesi Valley tailings pond is a valley open (ie has one dam). The dam, built of rocks, off Valley was built between two versanţi.Tulbureala tailings discharged into the pond through a system of pipes that discharge would shift to different areas located on the perimeter of the pond so that the entire surface is occupied.

Tailings containing metal salts of sulfuric acid are in stock and are resting on natural slopes. Into the lake from the Sesia Valley tailings deposit, in most places that we have surveyed, there’s no consistency, in a sort of beach was formed we board and we have sunk.

Clear waters, which are actually the same aqueous solutions of salts, should arrive in a collection and disposal system in which they must be downloaded to a chemical treatment plant or to a recirculation system or-the simplest, no costs, no embarrassment – to an emissary (usually a Clean River). Collection and disposal system we have not seen,-but it is true that I have reached the dam where it could have been.

In September 2011 the lake was about 130h. It covered almost all Geamana village, households were redeemed from Copper Min SA Abrud. Pain most of the residents was that promise was not to relocate the cemetery. Sterile swallowed homes one by one, the hill on which was built the church cemetery. The church is one of the few witnesses shows that there was once a human place. Sludge has now reached roof level.






What’s even worse is that we are witnessing an ecological disaster in progress. Continues to be spilled tailings and the tailings consistently increasing every year. Therefore the dam rises from Copper Min every year.




Sludge is sometimes crossed by narrow threads of water. The landscape is surreal, sometimes you feel like you’re on another planet. In front of us lay all sorts of colors, substances discharged data. We called generic these substances cyanide.



It’s sad to see how this mud swallows and continues to swallow homes, farms, orchards, fences. It’s sad to see how the village church, quite impressive indeed, is suffocated by silt and takes their silence and dignity in the last years of existence.


Yet each of us, if not said, even with a thought like, what color, what landscape. This lake really is very photogenic with, but … The former village Geamana there are only a few houses and a handful of people who refused to leave. I wonder what it’s like to see all this scenery every day? And do you have in mind can sat.Nu old image that when you come here do not relate to what is expected to happen in the Rosia Montana. It is said that there Corna valley will arrange such a pond. And so, we sacrifice some villages. Only that it will be more stretched than the Sesi Valley. Some sources say it will be about three to four times a day mare.După almost walked on the banks of tailings from Sesia Valley we decided to get the dump belonging Rosia Poieni operation. Thing we did not come out, we’re only in heap because carelessness, indecision and especially the lack of time.

So we crossed the bottom of the pile where they got big stones and pushed deposited tailings dump. Photo arising from two other problems associated waste dumps all: generating acid contaminated water loaded surface water, erosion and slope instability, neighboring land degradation.

We walked some time among all kinds of rocks, I stepped on unstable sand, we crossed streams green. We traveled practically unearthly realms.
Sesia Valley tailings rehabilitation as a spoil bank should be made ​​after operations cease. But it just happens that?
As a conclusion, as well as any of us to go at least once and see the pond, to draw some lessons and not repeat past mistakes. I appeal to those who read the text to show Article and photos of friends, acquaintances, share it on social networks.
Apuseni Mountains are located 24 ponds.

Nota di Tasti. Diversi i riscontri in rete, siti e in particolare sul sito Save Rosia Montana Campaign è possibile trovare informazioni più dettagliate.
E se come me siete degli appassionati di Google Earth… cercate “Iaz decantare Valea Şesii, Distretto di Alba, Romania” e avrete una visione complessiva della miniera, del bacino di decantazione del villaggio sepolto ecc.



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