Alle sette su CNN!

Di solito non mi pavoneggio con i risultati di questo blog che pure di soddisfazioni me ne ha date eccome… di solito, perchè la scelta di restare blog, perché preferisco viaggiare sottotono, perché dovrei dare una sistemata ma ad avercelo il tempo per farlo!
Oggi c’è un’eccezione alla regola e apro la ruota perché insomma… la CNN! Per uno dei soliti post di questo blog, argomento il vaccino, altro semplice copia e incolla con la speranza che si riesca a superare il muro di silenzio sul dibattito internazionale circa l’efficacia, la sicurezza, gli effetti etc etc etc…

July 7, 2008

Should parents worry about HPV vaccine?

  • Story Highlights
  • 7,802 “adverse event” reports to CDC since Gardasil was approved
  • Reports claim drug caused nausea and paralysis — even death
  • Vaccine manufacturer: Reports don’t mean illnesses were caused by drug
  • Two girls allege in court that the vaccine made them sick
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(CNN) — A vaccine designed to prevent cervical cancer is coming under fresh scrutiny amid thousands of complaints linking it to a range of health problems.

Gardasil has been the subject of 7,802 “adverse event” reports from the time the Food and Drug Administration approved its use two years ago, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Girls and women have blamed the vaccine for causing ailments from nausea to paralysis — even death. Fifteen deaths were reported to the FDA, and 10 were confirmed, but the CDC says none of the 10 were linked to the vaccine. The CDC says it continues to study the reports of illness.

Gardasil prevents the spread of human papillomavirus, known as HPV — a sexually transmitted virus that can cause cervical cancer in a relatively small number of girls and women.

The vaccine’s manufacturer, Merck & Co. Inc., says it has distributed more than 26 million Gardasil vaccines worldwide, including nearly 16 million in the United States. It estimates that 8 million girls and women have received the vaccine in the United States since June 2006. Video Watch more on complications linked to Gardasil »

Two girls allege in court that the vaccine made them sick.

One — Jesalee Parsons of Broken Bow, Oklahoma — got the shot at age 13.

Jesalee’s lawyer, Michael McLaren, said she got the shot on February 27, 2007 and soon developed a fever and felt pain. The next day, he said, Jesalee felt pain in her chest and abdomen.

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Her mother, Laura Parsons, said Jesalee spent weeks in the hospital and underwent two surgeries after developing pancreatitis. She says the federal government should have studied the drug more before approving its use.

“I just feel let down by the government,” Parsons said.

Merck says it could be a coincidence that the girls got sick after receiving the vaccine.


The company said in a statement that an adverse event report “does not mean that a causal relationship between an event and vaccination has been established — just that the event occurred after vaccination.”

Merck said it would continue to evaluate reports of adverse reactions. It said it “updates product labels with new safety information as appropriate.”


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