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Una maglietta rossa è un segno.

Questo è il codice per inserire la fascetta Free Burma:

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Un altro segno è aggiungere i Myanmar Birmania blog alla propria blogroll. E’ l’avamposto londinese di informazione

Ne ho travati alcuni:

stop alla dittatura


I link sono attivi sotto i punti interrogativi. Le foto sono visibili.


Qui il link per firmare la petizione da presentare alle Nazioni Unite…. io sono:

19163 Signatures Total

da Veronablog invece l’invito alla petizione di Amnesty International

Gianfalco propone un banner: questo blog cammina con loro

Youtube ha un canale dedicato ai video di chi ha assistito di persona

Dai Myanmer Birmania blog:

An email message from burma

Today, the people’s uprising lead by the monks, NLD members, students and citizens of Burma are entering the battle with their lives and blood.

In the aftermath of 8888 (18 Aug 1988) pro-democracy uprising, the Burmese democracy activists were forced to leave the country in exile. They tried achieving democracy from abroad. Both the exile oppositions organizations and the international community share the similar opinion to bring about a change in the country from force within. We also believe in a change by standing up against the regime from within with a united force. Today is the tenth day that the monks have led the protest in the streets with the students and citizens to defy the junta.

In this revolution, 15 monks and people including a Japanese citizen have sacrificed their lives in this cause. In Burma, the only path to oppose the military junta is to demonstrate peacefully. The military junta repressed the peaceful demonstration brutally by hiding truth. The longer the military junta represses the people we are bound to loos more lives.

Would the Burmese community in exile and the institutions like the UN and EU wait till the situation in Burma gets worse like Darfur in Sudan?

The neighbouring countries like China, and so called democratic countries like India and ASEAN countries selfishly avoiding the problems in Burma by brushing pass as our internal problems. It does not matter how many people the military kills, we woe to struggle and scarify our lives to restore democracy for our future generation.

On behalf of the Burmese people I salute the courage of Mr Kenji Nagai, a Japanese journalist employed by the APF Tsushin based in Tokyo, who scarified his life whilst recording media footage of gun shots to educate the global citizens.

Burmese Tempo


Tears and cries make you proud.
As loud as you can ever imagine.
Gun fires and the bullet shells
We don’t want our people to be spelled.


Who can save our own country life?
Run and run until you’ve exhausted
But your courage has conquered the regime
Where they are now living desperately.

This is not the bullets world
Where we trade life with the guns.
This is not the scarlet world
Where they take the steps with blood.

Saffron robes has marched into the city.
They bring courage and inspiration to the glory.
I can’t imagine how long they still have to march.
But I am certain the country is watched.

Every bullets and batons made our hearts hard.
And the world has now stood up.
How I wish my country to retain peace.
Where the people would live with dignity.


Death list obtained so far



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  2. Antonio said

    Facciamo qualcosa per il Tibet… il popolo del web… PUO’!


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